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Archieve Of A Dreamer

'Cause Power Is Relative

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All my interests, contact info, and other such things are on my personal journal mylia_.

Friending policy: I don't bite. Drop me a comment/e-mail and I'll gladly friend you back! Hell, if you friend me, I'll probably notice and friend you back anyway.

Quoting Sheera:

“Steph has a unique vision of the world: a planet where we all live in peace, get our girlsmut on, and hone the fine art of snark into an art. And because she’s a benevolent dictator, she’s kind enough to let the rest of us take voyeuristic peeks into the world, and believe me—I speak from personal experience—the view will leave you squirming in your chair in that ‘I need to go to my bunk’ way.”

Completed Stories

EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is in my memories section. A small portion may be f-locked, but I can easily add people to filters, if they tell me they're interested.

100_original: 100 drabbles with the characters from You Are My Eyes (AKA 'YAME') Link to Index Table

Current Projects

100 drabbles for the House, M.D. fandom. Link to Index Table

-Community Challenge Claims

fanfic100: 100 drabbles about Sakura, from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Link to Index Table


You Are My Eyes : A real-life romance/humor collection of stories from the POV of a blind woman. Involves lesbianism, swearing, occasionnal violence, and a hefty dose of sarcasm. RATED PG-13 to PG-18

Dreaming of Power's Destruction: A dark fantasy novel about several individuals who sealed away unmagic (somehting that was absorbing the magic in the world and killing off magical creatures); but now one of them wants to break the seal. Involves a lot of violence, death, rape, and every single magical creature I can think of. RATED R

Residual Hate: A story I've had in my mind for the past couple years about a young girl that struggles to control her mind-magic before it controls her. RATED PG-13