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Of Sheera

To Memories

I remember when I met Sheera. She was on a BBM craze at the time, and Lucien had posted a story over at the writers_guild that was shot down for being fanfiction. I originally didn't want to get into it because I didn't really have an interest in BBM (and I still don't somehow), but writing drew us together and I like to think we stayed fairly close.

Since then you've: gotten me to write lesbian porn (remember YAME?, and others naturally), Neverwhere, Brimstone, IMAN, Dead Like Me, Heroes, Threshold, Wonderfalls, and others that don't jump immediately to mind but were surely influenced by your enthusiasm; reminded me of my love for Tamora Pierce; and got me to sing online.

I'm glad of it.

I've met many people through you, and i've come to grips with a few things about myself that I may not have realized otherwise.

Sheera, you are a whirlwind and sometimes you aren't, but you are appreciated.

I believe this will go well for you.
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